My Book List

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyAdams, Douglas0-671-74672-3June 1, 1991Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Hitchhikers's Guide to the GalaxyAdams, Douglas0-671-52721-5March 3, 1984Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Life, the Universe, and EverythingAdams, Douglas0-345-39182-9September 27, 1995Science Fiction & FantasyThe Hitchhiker's Trilogy Series
Long Dark Tea Time of the SoulAdams, Douglas0-671-74251-5February 15, 1991Science Fiction & Fantasy 
So Long and Thanks for all the FishAdams, Douglas0-671-52580-8November 1, 1985Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The Restaurant at the End of the UniverseAdams, Douglas0-345-39181-0September 27, 1995Science Fiction & FantasyThe Hitchhiker's Trilogy Series
Book of SoldiersAdams, Robert0-451-15559-9September 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Allies and AliensAllen, Roger MacBride0-671-87658-9April 1995Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Fractal Mode (Mode (Paperback))Anthony, Piers0-441-25126-9December 1, 1992Science Fiction & FantasyThe Mode Series
KillobyteAnthony, Piers0-441-44425-3January 1, 1994Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Out of PhazeAnthony, Piers0-441-64465-1September 1, 1994Science Fiction & FantasyThe Apprentice Adept Series
Interstellar PatrolAnvil, Christopher0-7434-8848-2September 1, 2004Science Fiction & FantasyThe Interstellar Patrol series
Ark Two: Book 7Appleton, Victor0-671-43953-7January 29, 1982Children's BooksTom Swift
Crater of Mystery: Book 8Appleton, Victor0-671-43955-3January 29, 1982Children's BooksTom Swift
Terror On the Moons of Jupiter: Book 2Appleton, Victor0-671-41183-7July 15, 1981Children's BooksTom Swift
The Alien Probe: Book 3Appleton, Victor0-671-42578-1July 15, 1981Children's BooksTom Swift
The Astral Fortress: Book 5Appleton, Victor0-671-43385-7January 29, 1982Children's BooksTom Swift
The City in the Stars: Book 1Appleton, Victor0-671-41115-2July 15, 1981Children's BooksTom Swift
The Gateway to Doom: Book 9Appleton, Victor0-671-43957-XApril 29, 1983Children's BooksTom Swift
The Rescue Mission: Book 6Appleton, Victor0-671-43356-5January 29, 1982Children's BooksTom Swift
The War in Outer Space: Book 4Appleton, Victor0-671-42579-XJuly 15, 1981Children's BooksTom Swift
Primary Inversion (Book 1)Asaro, Catherine0-8125-5023-4May 15, 1996Science Fiction & FantasySaga of the Skolian Empire Ser.
Project FarcryAshwell, Pauline0-312-85861-2November 1, 1995Science Fiction & Fantasy 
I, RobotAsimov, Isaac0-449-23949-7May 12, 1981Science Fiction & Fantasy 
LUCKY STARR & PIRATESAsimov, Isaac0-345-31562-6April 12, 1984Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of MercuryAsimov, Isaac0-345-31439-5January 12, 1984Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Lucky Starr and the Oceans of VenusAsimov, Isaac0-345-31563-4May 12, 1984Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Second Foundation (Bk 3)Asimov, Isaac0-345-33629-1July 12, 1986Science Fiction & FantasyThe Foundation Series
Space ShuttlesAsimov, Isaac0-451-15017-1September 1987Science Fiction & FantasyIsaac Asimov's Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction
Norby: Robot for HireAsimov, Janet0-441-58635-XOctober 1, 1988Science Fiction & FantasyNorby Chronicles
The Norby ChroniclesAsimov, Janet0-441-58634-1October 1, 1986Science Fiction & FantasyNorby Chronicles
Human Performance EngineeringBailey, Robert W.0-13-149634-4January 31, 1996Engineering : Environmental : General 
Camel ClubBaldacci, David0-446-61562-5August 2006ThrillersCamel Club Series
Split SecondBaldacci, David0-446-61445-9September 1, 2004Mystery & Thrillers 
DefendersBaldwin, Bill0-446-36250-6July 1992Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
Galactic ConvoyBaldwin, Bill0-445-20408-7December 1989Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
MercenariesBaldwin, Bill0-446-36139-9May 1991Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
The Defiance (No 7)Baldwin, Bill0-446-60334-1November 1, 1996Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
The HelmsmanBaldwin, Bill0-445-20027-8June 1, 1985Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
The SiegeBaldwin, Bill0-446-36503-3March 1, 1994Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
TrophyBaldwin, Bill0-445-20733-7December 1989Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Helmsman Series
Gorgon ChildBarnes, Steven0-8125-3152-3December 1, 1993Science Fiction & Fantasy 
StreetlethalBarnes, Steven0-8125-1034-8November 1, 1994Science Fiction & Fantasy 
SlantBear, Greg0-8125-2482-9June 1, 1998Science Fiction & Fantasy 
GREAT SKY RIVERBENFORD, GREGORY0-553-27318-3September 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Heart of the CometBENFORD, GREGORY0-553-25839-7February 1, 1987Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Rolling ThunderBerent, Mark0-515-10190-7November 1, 1989Espionage/Intrigue 
Steel TigerBerent, Mark0-515-10467-1June 1, 1994Mystery & Thrillers 
Johnny ZedBetancourt, John0-445-20559-8July 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Kinsman SagaBova, Ben0-8125-3243-0October 1, 1988Mystery & Thrillers 
PeacekeepersBova, Ben0-8125-0238-8October 1, 1994Mystery & Thrillers 
Wrong Reflection, TheBradshaw, Gillian0-441-01097-0August 26, 2003Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Further LaneBrady, James0-312-96598-2June 1, 1998Literature & FictionA Novel of the Hamptons
Blood Bound, Book 2Briggs, Patricia0-441-01473-9January 30, 2007FantasyMercy Thompson
Moon Called, Book 1Briggs, Patricia0-441-01381-3January 31, 2006FantasyMercy Thompson
Raven's Shadow: Book 1Briggs, Patricia0-441-01187-XJuly 27, 2004FantasyThe Raven Duology
Raven's Strike: Book 2Briggs, Patricia0-441-01312-0July 26, 2005FantasyThe Raven Duology
Silver TowerBrown, Dale0-425-11529-1April 1, 1995Mystery & Thrillers 
Digital FortressBrown, Dan0-312-99542-3December 2003Espionage/Intrigue 
FALLING FREEBujold, Lois McMaster0-671-65398-9April 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
FalconBull, Emma0-441-22569-1October 1, 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Dragonmaster: Book OneBunch, Chris0-451-46118-5December 5, 2006Science Fiction And FantasyDragonmaster Trilogy
Homefall (Book 4)Bunch, Chris0-451-45841-9August 8, 2001Science Fiction & FantasyThe Last Legion Series
Star Risk, Ltd.Bunch, Chris0-451-45889-3August 6, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyStar Risk Ltd
Sten 1: StenBunch, Chris1-84149-007-5January 1, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 2: The Wolf WorldsBunch, Chris1-84149-008-3January 1, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 3: The Court of a Thousand SunsBunch, Chris1-84149-009-1January 1, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 4: Fleet of the DamnedBunch, Chris1-84149-010-5March 1, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 5: Revenge of the DamnedBunch, Chris1-84149-080-6January 1, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 6: Return of the EmperorBunch, Chris0-345-36130-XOctober 13, 1990Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 7: VortexBunch, Chris0-345-37151-8April 22, 1992Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
Sten 8: Empire's EndBunch, Chris1-84149-083-0November 1, 2001Science Fiction & FantasyThe Sten-Chronicles Series
The Dog From Hell (Star Risk #4)Bunch, Chris0-451-46039-1August 2, 2005Science Fiction & FantasyStar Risk Ser.
The Double Cross ProgramBunch, Chris0-451-45986-5July 6, 2004Science Fiction & FantasyStar Risk Ltd
The Last LegionBunch, Chris0-451-45686-6April 1, 1999Science Fiction & FantasyThe Last Legion Series
The Scoundrel WorldsBunch, Chris0-451-45936-9August 5, 2003Science Fiction & FantasyStar Risk Ltd
Wind After TimeBunch, Chris0-345-38735-XJanuary 31, 1996Science Fiction & FantasyShadow Warrior Trilogy
Blood RitesButcher, Jim0-451-45987-3August 2004Fantasy FictionDresden Files Series
Cursor's Fury, Book 3Butcher, Jim0-441-01547-6November 27, 2007Science Fiction & FantasyCodex Alera
Death Masks (The Dresden Files, Book 5)Butcher, Jim0-451-45940-7August 5, 2003Science Fiction & FantasyDresden Files Series
Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)Butcher, Jim0-451-45812-5January 9, 2001Science Fiction & FantasyDresden Files Series
Furies of CalderonButcher, Jim0-441-01268-XJune 28, 2005Science Fiction & FantasyCodex Alera, Book 1
Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)Butcher, Jim0-451-45844-3September 5, 2001Science Fiction & FantasyDresden Files Series
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)Butcher, Jim0-451-45781-1April 10, 2000Science Fiction & FantasyDresden Files Series
Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)Butcher, Jim0-451-45892-3September 3, 2002Science Fiction & FantasyDresden Files Series
BEAMRIDERSCaidin, Martin0-671-69823-0June 1, 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
DARK MESSIAHCaidin, Martin0-671-72022-8October 1, 1990Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Chill Factor Book ThreeCaine, Rachel0-451-46010-3January 30, 2005Science Fiction & FantasyWeather Warden
Feast of Fools: Book 4Caine, Rachel0-451-22463-9June 3, 2008Juvenile FictionMorganville Vampires
Glass Houses, Book 1Caine, Rachel0-451-21994-5October 3, 2006Science Fiction & FantasyMorganville Vampires
Heat Stroke Book TwoCaine, Rachel0-451-45984-9August 1, 2004Science Fiction & FantasyWeather Warden
Ill Wind Book OneCaine, Rachel0-451-45952-0December 1, 2003Science Fiction & FantasyWeather Warden
Midnight Alley: Book 3Caine, Rachel0-451-22238-5October 2, 2007Juvenile FictionMorganville Vampires
The Dead Girls' Dance, Book 2Caine, Rachel0-451-22089-7April 3, 2007Science Fiction & FantasyMorganville Vampires
Thin AirCaine, Rachel0-451-46163-0August 7, 2007Science Fiction And FantasyWeather Warden, Book 6
UndoneCaine, Rachel0-451-46261-0February 3, 2009Science Fiction & FantasyOutcast Season, Book 1
WindFall: Book Four of the Weather WardenCaine, Rachel0-451-46057-XNovember 2005Fantasy FictionWeather Warden Series
Courageous: Book 3Campbell, Jack0-441-01567-0December 18, 2007Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Lost Fleet
Dauntless: Book 1Campbell, Jack0-441-01418-6June 27, 2006Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Lost Fleet
Fearless: Book 2Campbell, Jack0-441-01476-3January 30, 2007Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Lost Fleet
Relentless, Book 5Campbell, Jack0-441-01708-8April 28, 2009Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Lost Fleet
Valiant: Book 4Campbell, Jack0-441-01619-7June 24, 2008Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Lost Fleet
Children of the Mind ( #4)Card, Orson Scott0-8125-2239-7April 1997Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
Ender's Game #1Card, Orson Scott0-8125-5070-6June 1994Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
Ender's ShadowCard, Orson Scott0-8125-7571-7December 2000Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
Seventh SonCard, Orson Scott0-8125-3353-4June 1, 1988Science Fiction & FantasyTales of Alvin Maker
Speaker for Dead Ender #2: ValorousCard, Orson Scott0-8125-2015-7October, 1988Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
Speaker for the Dead #2Card, Orson Scott0-8125-5075-7January 1987Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
The Call of Earth #2Card, Orson Scott0-8125-3261-9December 1993Science Fiction & FantasyHomecoming Series
The Memory of Earth #1Card, Orson Scott0-8125-3259-7December 1992Science Fiction & FantasyHomecoming Series
The Ships of Earth #3Card, Orson Scott0-8125-3263-5December 1994Science Fiction & FantasyHomecoming Series
The Worthing SagaCard, Orson Scott0-8125-3331-3December 15, 1992Science Fiction & Fantasy 
TreasonCard, Orson Scott0-312-92109-8March 1, 1990Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Xenocide #3Card, Orson Scott0-8125-0925-0July 1992Science Fiction & FantasyEnder Series
Night ManagerCarre, John le0-345-38576-4May 1994Espionage/Intrigue 
Single & SingleCarre, John le1-4028-8030-8March 1999Espionage/Intrigue 
Rapture EffectCarver, Jeffrey0-8125-3325-9April 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Labyrinth of DreamsChalker, Jack L.0-8125-3306-2March 1987Science Fiction & FantasyG.O.D. Inc.
Lords of the Middle Dark : (#1)CHALKER, JACK L.0-345-32560-5May 12, 1986Science Fiction & FantasyRings of the Master
Pirates of the Thunder (#2)CHALKER, JACK L.0-345-32561-3February 12, 1987Science Fiction & FantasyRings of the Master
Warriors of the Storm (#3)CHALKER, JACK L.0-345-32562-1July 12, 1987Science Fiction & FantasyRings of the Master
Cyteen II : RebirthCherryh, C.J.0-445-20454-0March 1, 1989Science Fiction & FantasyCyteen
Cyteen III : VindicationCherryh, C.J.0-445-20430-3April 1, 1989Science Fiction & FantasyCyteen
Cyteen: The BetrayalCherryh, C.J.0-445-20452-4February 1, 1989Science Fiction & FantasyCyteen
Bad Luck and TroubleChild, Lee0-440-24366-1March 25, 2008Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Die TryingChild, Lee0-425-20621-1May 3, 2005Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Die Trying (Book #2)Child, Lee0-515-12502-4May 1, 1999Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Series
Echo BurningChild, Lee0-515-13331-0April 30, 2002Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Killing FloorChild, Lee0-515-12344-7May 1, 1998Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Series
Persuader, #7Child, Lee0-641-85308-4July 2005Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Running BlindChild, Lee0-515-14350-2August 28, 2007Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
TripwireChild, Lee0-553-81185-1February 3, 2000Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Without FailChild, Lee1-59086-065-9April 10, 2003Mystery & ThrillersJack Reacher Novels
Refuge: Book 5Chilson, Rob0-441-37385-2July 1, 1989Science Fiction & FantasyRobot City
Clear and Present DangerClancy, Tom0-425-12212-3July 1, 1996Mystery & ThrillersThe Jack Ryan Series
Executive OrdersClancy, Tom0-399-14218-5August 12, 1996Mystery & Thrillers 
Night Moves (No. 3)Clancy, Tom0-425-17400-XApril 3, 2000Mystery & ThrillersNet Force
Patriot GamesClancy, Tom0-425-10972-0May 1, 1992Mystery & ThrillersThe Jack Ryan Series
Red Storm RisingClancy, Tom0-425-10107-XJuly 1, 1997Mystery & Thrillers 
Ruthless.ComClancy, Tom0-425-16570-1November 1, 1998Literature & FictionPower Plays
The Cardinal of the KremlinClancy, Tom0-399-13345-3July 1, 1988Mystery & ThrillersThe Jack Ryan Series
The Hunt for Red OctoberClancy, Tom0-87021-285-0October 1, 1984Mystery & ThrillersThe Jack Ryan Series
The Sum of All FearsClancy, Tom0-399-13615-0August 1, 1991Mystery & Thrillers 
Rama IIClarke, Arthur C.0-553-28658-7November 1990Science Fiction & FantasyRama Series
Rendezvous with Rama (Rama #1)Clarke, Arthur C.0-553-28789-3November 1990Science Fiction & FantasyRama Series
Songs of Distant EarthClarke, Arthur C.0-345-32240-1April 12, 1987Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The Garden of Rama (Rama #3)Clarke, Arthur C.0-553-29817-8August 1992Science Fiction & FantasyRama Series
Nitrogen FixClement, Hal0-441-58118-8June 1, 1982Science Fiction & Fantasy 
No Second ChanceCoben, Harlan0-525-94729-9April, 2003Mystery & Thrillers 
Darkness of God (Shadow Warrior #3)Cole, Allan0-345-38737-6October 1997Science Fiction & FantasyShadow Warrior Trilogy
Hunt the Heavens (Bk 2)COLE, ALLAN0-345-38736-8July 31, 1996Science Fiction & FantasyShadow Warrior
Chasing the DimeConnelly, Michael0-446-61162-XAugust, 2003Mystery & Thrillers 
Lost LightConnelly, Michael0-446-61163-8March 1, 2004Mystery & ThrillersThe Harry Bosch Series
The NarrowsConnelly, Michael0-446-61164-6March 1, 2005Mystery & ThrillersHarry Bosch Series
Void MoonConnelly, Michael0-446-60914-5January 1, 2001Literature & Fiction 
Isle of DogsCornwell, Patricia0-425-18290-8October 1, 2002Mystery & Thrillers 
Southern CrossCornwell, Patricia Daniels0-425-17254-6December 1, 1999Literature & Fiction 
Time of the Fox (No 1)Costello, Matthew0-451-45041-8December 1, 1991Science Fiction & FantasyTime Warrior
Hanging Out in EuropeCouse, Kristen (Editor)0-7645-6471-4September 1, 2001Travel : Europe : General 
F-CUBEDCruz, Daniel Da0-345-33644-5May 12, 1987Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Texas TriumphantCruz, Daniel Da0-345-35878-3October 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Killer.AppD'Amato, Barbara0-8125-5391-8March 15, 1997Mystery & Thrillers 
Fall of the White Ship Avatar: Book 3Daley, Brian0-345-32919-8December 1986Science Fiction & FantasyA Hobart Floyt-Alacrity Fitzhugh Adventure
Jinx On a Terran Inheritance: Book 2Daley, Brian0-345-31488-3November 12, 1985Science Fiction & FantasyA Hobart Floyt-Alacrity Fitzhugh Adventure
Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds: Book 1Daley, Brian0-345-31487-5January 1985Science Fiction & FantasyA Hobart Floyt-Alacrity Fitzhugh Adventure
To Waters' End: Book 4DALEY, BRIAN0-345-42211-2March 1, 1999Science Fiction & FantasyGammalaw
The BAVARIAN GATEDalmas, John0-671-87764-XJanuary 1, 1997Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The RegimentDalmas, John0-671-72065-1May 1, 1991Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The Second Coming (The Millennium Series)Dalmas, John1-4165-0903-8August 30, 2005Science Fiction & FantasyMillennium Ser.
Night FallDeMille, Nelson0-446-61662-1November 1, 2005Literature & Fiction 
The Gate HouseDeMille, Nelson0-446-53342-4October 28, 2008American Mystery & Suspense Fiction 
FORFEITDick Francis0-671-43567-1April 3, 1981Mystery & ThrillersHorseracing Mysteries Series
By Blood AloneDietz, William C.0-441-00631-0July 1, 1999Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Last Legion Series
By Force of ArmsDietz, William C.0-441-00735-XJune 2000Science Fiction - MilitaryLegion of the Damned Series
DeathdayDietz, William C.0-441-00981-6October 1, 2002Science Fiction - Military 
For Those Who FellDietz, William C.0-441-01267-1September 27, 2005Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Last Legion Series
Galactic BountyDietz, William C.0-441-87346-4November 1, 1986Science Fiction - Military 
Imperial BountyDietz, William C.0-441-36697-XMay 1, 1988Science Fiction - Military 
Legion of the DamnedDietz, William C.0-441-48040-3August 1, 1993Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Last Legion Series
Logos RunDietz, William C.0-441-01536-0September 25, 2007Science Fiction 
McCade's BountyDietz, William C.0-441-52303-XNovember 1, 1990Science Fiction 
RunnerDietz, William C.0-441-01409-7September 26, 2006Science FictionRunner Ser.
The Final BattleDietz, William C.0-441-00217-XJuly 1, 1995Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Last Legion Series
The FloodDietz, William C.0-345-45921-0April 1, 2003Science Fiction - MilitaryHalo
RUNNING TOUGHDorsett, Tony0-385-26248-5September 1, 1989Biographies & Memoirs 
BattlespaceDouglas, Ian0-380-81825-6January 31, 2006Science Fiction & FantasyThe Legacy Trilogy, Book 2
Star CorpsDouglas, Ian0-380-81824-8March 25, 2003Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Legacy Trilogy, Book 1
Star MarinesDouglas, Ian0-380-81826-4January 30, 2007Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Legacy Trilogy, Book 3
A Working of StarsDoyle, Debra0-8125-7193-2July 1, 2003Science Fiction & FantasyMageworlds
The Gathering Flame: No 4Doyle, Debra0-8125-3495-6July 1, 1995Science Fiction & FantasyThe Prequel to Mageworlds
The Long HuntDoyle, Debra0-8125-3496-4August 1, 1996Science Fiction & FantasyMageworlds
The Stars AsunderDoyle, Debra0-8125-7192-4June 1, 2000Science Fiction & FantasyMageworlds
All the Way to the GallowsDrake, David0-671-87753-4November 1, 1996Science Fiction - Military 
AT ANY PRICEDrake, David0-671-55978-8September 1, 1985Science Fiction - MilitaryHammer's Slammers
BridgeheadDrake, David0-8125-3616-9October 1990Science Fiction - Military 
Counter Attack (Book 2)Drake, David0-441-24087-9December 1988Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Fleet
Counting the CostDrake, David0-671-65355-5November 1, 1987Science Fiction - Military 
Cross the StarsDrake, David0-8125-3614-2December 1, 1984Science Fiction - MilitaryHammer's Slammers
Fireships (No 3)Drake, David0-441-00417-2February 1, 1997Science Fiction - MilitaryIgniting the Reaches Ser.
Fleet (No. 1)Drake, David0-441-24086-0July 30, 2002Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Fleet
Foreign LegionsDrake, David0-7434-3560-5September 1, 2002Science Fiction - Military 
FortressDrake, David0-8125-3620-7February 15, 1988Science Fiction - Military 
HAMMERS SLAMMERSDrake, David0-671-65632-5April 1, 1984Science Fiction - MilitaryHammer's Slammers
HONORABLE DEFENSE (No 1)Drake, David0-671-69789-7November 1, 1988Science Fiction - MilitaryCrisis of Empire
Igniting the ReachesDrake, David0-441-00179-3February 1995Science Fiction - MilitaryIgniting the Reaches Ser.
JungleDrake, David0-8125-0198-5October 1992Science Fiction - Military 
Kill RatioDrake, David0-441-44116-5October 1, 1987Science Fiction - Military 
KillerDrake, David0-7434-3586-9November 26, 2002Science Fiction - Military 
Lt Leary, CommandingDrake, David0-671-31992-2May 22, 2001Science Fiction - MilitaryRCN Series
MILITARY DIMENSIONDrake, David0-671-72054-6June 1, 1991Science Fiction - Military 
NorthworldDrake, David0-441-84830-3April 1, 1990Science Fiction - Military 
RedlinersDrake, David0-671-87789-5June 1997Science Fiction - Military 
ROLLING HOT (#4)Drake, David0-671-69837-0August 1, 1989Science Fiction - MilitaryHammer's Slammers
Square DealDrake, David0-8125-3030-6June 1993Science Fiction - Military 
Sworn Allies: Book 4Drake, David0-441-24090-9March 1, 1990Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Fleet
The Breakthrough: Book 3Drake, David0-441-24103-4May 1989Science Fiction - MilitaryThe Fleet
The Far Side of the StarsDrake, David0-7434-8864-4November 30, 2004Science Fiction - MilitaryLt. Leary
The Voyage, Vol. 1Drake, David0-8125-1340-1July 1995Science Fiction - MilitaryHammer Series
The Way to GloryDrake, David1-4165-2106-2April 24, 2007Science Fiction - MilitaryRCN
THINGS HUNTING MEN (Vol 2)Drake, David0-671-65412-8June 1, 1988Science Fiction - MilitaryStarhunters
Through the BreachDrake, David0-441-00326-5May 1, 1996Science Fiction - Military 
VETTIUS AND HIS FRIENDSDrake, David0-671-69802-8February 1, 1989Science Fiction - Military 
When the Tide RisesDrake, David1-4165-9156-7March 31, 2009Science Fiction - MilitaryRCN Series
With the LightningsDrake, David0-671-57818-9July 1, 1999Science Fiction - MilitaryRCN
Kill StationDuane, Diane0-380-75854-7January 1, 1992Science Fiction & FantasySpace Cops
MindblastDuane, Diane0-380-75852-0June 1, 1991Science Fiction & FantasySpace Cops
Yellowstone National ParkDunbar, David1-55859-825-1September 1, 1995Travel 
Castle of Wizardry (The Belgariad #4)Eddings, David0-345-33570-8February 1984Science Fiction & FantasyBelgariad Series
Demon Lord of Karanda: Book #3Eddings, David0-345-36331-0October 1989Science Fiction & FantasyMalloreon Series
Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad #5)Eddings, David0-345-33871-5September 1984Science Fiction & FantasyBelgariad Series
Guardians of the West: Book #1Eddings, David0-345-35266-1February 1988Science Fiction & FantasyMalloreon Series
King of the Murgos: Book #2Eddings, David0-345-35880-5February 1989Science Fiction & FantasyMalloreon Series
Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad #3)Eddings, David0-345-33545-7March 1983Science Fiction & FantasyBelgariad Series
Pawn of Prophecy (Book 1)EDDINGS, DAVID0-345-33551-1January 13, 1986Science Fiction & FantasyThe Belgariad Series
Queen of Sorcery (The Belgariad #2)Eddings, David0-345-33565-1August 1982Science Fiction & FantasyBelgariad Series
Sorceress of Darshiva: Book #4Eddings, David0-345-36935-1October 1990Science Fiction & FantasyMalloreon Series
The Diamond Throne (The Elenium #1)Eddings, David0-345-36769-3June 1990Science Fiction & FantasyElenium Series
The Ruby Knight (The Elenium #2)Eddings, David0-345-37352-9November 1991Science Fiction & FantasyElenium Series
The Sapphire Rose (The Elenium #3)Eddings, David0-345-37472-XNovember 1992Science Fiction & FantasyElenium Series
The Seeress of Kell: Book #5Eddings, David0-345-37759-1March 1992Science Fiction & FantasyMalloreon Series
FIRE IN THE SUN, AEFFINGER, GEORGE0-553-27407-4March 1, 1990  
Eleven on TopEvanovich, Janet0-312-30626-1June 21, 2005Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Four to ScoreEvanovich, Janet0-312-96697-0May 1999Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Full HouseEvanovich, Janet0-312-98327-1September 2002Mystery & ThrillersJanet Evanovich's Full Series
Full TiltEvanovich, Janet0-641-60585-4February 2003Mystery & ThrillersJanet Evanovich's Full Series
Hard EightEvanovich, Janet0-312-98386-7June 2003Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
High FiveEvanovich, Janet0-312-97134-6June 2000Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Hot SixEvanovich, Janet0-312-97627-5June 2001Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Seven UpEvanovich, Janet1-4028-6598-8November 2002Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Three to Get DeadlyEvanovich, Janet0-312-96609-1May 1998Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
To the NinesEvanovich, Janet0-312-99146-0June 2004Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Two for the DoughEvanovich, Janet0-671-00179-5August 1996Mystery & ThrillersStephanie Plum Mystery Series
Dark Design: Book 3Farmer, Philip Jose0-345-41969-3August 1998Science Fiction & FantasyRiverworld Series
Fabulous Riverboat: Book 2Farmer, Philip Jose0-345-41968-5August 1998Science Fiction & FantasyRiverworld Series
Gods of RiverworldFarmer, Philip Jose0-345-41971-5August 1998Science Fiction & FantasyRiverworld Series
Magic Labyrinth: Book 4Farmer, Philip Jose0-345-41970-7August 1998Science Fiction & FantasyRiverworld Series
To Your Scattered Bodies go: Book 1Farmer, Philip Jose0-345-41967-7June 1998Science Fiction & FantasyRiverworld Series
Last Stand of the DNA CowboysFarren, Mick0-345-35808-2August 13, 1989  
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FletchMcDonald, Gregory0-380-00645-6July 1, 1986Mystery & Thrillers 
Fletch, TooMcDonald, Gregory0-446-34614-4June 1, 1987Mystery & ThrillersFletch
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Carpe DiemMILLER, STEVE0-345-36310-8September 13, 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Hunting PartyMoon, Elizabeth0-671-72176-3July 1, 1993Science Fiction & FantasyHeris Serrano Series
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PhasesMoon, Elizabeth0-671-87855-7December 1, 1997Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Trading in DangerMoon, Elizabeth0-345-44761-1August 31, 2004Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Victory ConditionsMoon, Elizabeth0-345-49162-9January 27, 2009Science Fiction & FantasyVatta's War
Winning ColorsMoon, Elizabeth0-671-87677-5August 1, 1995Science Fiction & FantasyHeris Serrano Series
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Java UnleashedMorrison, Michael1-57521-049-5April 1, 1996Computers & Internet 
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Task Force Mars: Book 1Niles, Douglas0-345-49041-XMay 29, 2007Science Fiction - MilitaryStarstrike
Ringworld ThroneNIVEN, LARRY0-345-41296-6March 30, 1997Science Fiction & Fantasy 
Crimson SkiesNylund, Eric0-345-45874-5October 1, 2002Science Fiction & Fantasy 
First StrikeNylund, Eric0-345-46781-7December 2, 2003Science Fiction & FantasyHalo
Ghosts on OnyxNylund, Eric0-7653-5470-5April 2007Science Fiction & FantasyHalo
The Fall of ReachNylund, Eric0-345-45132-5October 30, 2001Science Fiction & FantasyHalo
Lethal InterfaceOdom, Mel0-451-45154-6December 1, 1993Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Lone StarPerry, Steve0-380-77302-3January 1, 1995Science Fiction & FantasyStellar Ranger
SpindocPerry, Steve0-441-00008-8May 1, 1994Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The Forever DrugPerry, Steve0-441-00142-4February 1, 1995Science Fiction & Fantasy 
The Omega CagePerry, Steve0-441-62382-4August 31, 2004Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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The 97th StepPerry, Steven0-441-58105-6November 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Nylon AngelPierres, Marianne de0-451-46037-5July 5, 2005Science Fiction & FantasyParrish Plessis Novels
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SystemsQuick, W.T.0-451-16342-7November 1, 1989Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Hymn Before Battle (#1)Ringo, John0-671-31841-1September 2001 Human-Posleen War series
Kildar: Book 2Ringo, John1-4165-2133-XMay 22, 2007Science FictionPaladin of Shadows
The HeroRingo, John1-4165-0914-3October 11, 2005Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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Watch on the RhineRingo, John1-4165-2120-8February 27, 2007Science Fiction & FantasyPosleen War Series #7
When the Devil DancesRingo, John0-7434-3602-4April 1, 2003Science Fiction & Fantasy 
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ULTIMATE ENEMYSaberhagan, Fred0-671-65414-4June 1, 1988Science Fiction & Fantasy 
BerserkerSaberhagen, Fred0-441-05480-3April 1984Science Fiction & FantasyBerserker
Berserker BaseSaberhagen, Fred0-8125-5327-6June 1, 1987Science Fiction & FantasyBerserker
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